Canowindra lies in a natural basin where the weather is almost always calm and stable with clear blue skies.

Location of
and surrounding district The town is a hub of an excellent network of roads and lanes, so necessary for balloon recovery vehicles to take you, our guests, around and about the countryside.

Surrounding areas are free of major powerlines, tall buildings, low-flying aircraft, smog, and other modern annoyances.

The Lachlan-Belubula River Valley in which Canowindra nestles is, quite simply, beautiful. The rolling hills, patchworked by paddocks of ever changing colour; and the spectacle of the hot air balloons in the crisp dawn or gorgeous sunsets will bring memories to last a lifetime.

Every facility is available. There is much to see and much to do, so what better place to call home while you get to know the Central West!!?

Where are we?

  • 2 1/2 hours North of Canberra
  • 4 hours West of Sydney between Cowra and Orange
  • Country Link Central. For more information
    call Country Link 13 22 32

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